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Guest and Exhibiting Artist


Drawing and Painting

Abstract Silk Painting

In this workshop, we explore the idea that incorporating ink-

wash and silk painting into abstract painting. Using both

traditional and contemporary materials such as natural silk,

paper, ink, acrylic paint and mediums, we will experiment

with the ancient techniques and learn new ways to

incorporate them into contemporary practice. This workshop

is designed to emphasize the influence of traditional Asian

art on abstract painting. Artist will introduce historical and

cultural aspects of the materials as well as his unique way to

handle ink, acrylic paint and mixed media on silk. Students

from all art backgrounds and experience are welcome in this

workshop. Please check the DAC website for the supply list.


Sunday, 12:00 PM-3:00 PM

April 9 (1 day)

Quoctrung Nguyen, Instructor


Contemporary Collage

In this workshop, exhibiting artist Randy McNamara will

teach contemporary collage techniques used in his paintings.

Techniques that will be explored include using paint as the

glue, creating your own collage elements, and when, if and

how to peel layers off. Please check the DAC website for the

supply list. Please check the DAC website for the supply list.


Saturday, 12:00 PM-3:00 PM

January 14 (1 day)

Randy McNamara, Instructor



Whiteline or Provincetown Prints

The whiteline print is a multi-colored woodblock

print developed in Provincetown, MA as a way

to simplify the making of the popular Japanese

prints. Artists developed a way to carve the

woodblocks with a carved line separating each

color, so they could do a multicolor print using

just one block. Then color is transferred onto

the paper by placing the paper over the painted

block and rubbing the back of the paper with a

wide spoon. What makes this process even more

unique is that watercolor is used rather than

printmaking ink. All levels of experience are

welcome. A $5 provided materials fee is due at

the beginning of the workshop for a woodblock.

Please check the DAC website for the additional

supply list.


Saturday, 10:00 AM-2:00 PM

March 11 (1 day)

Mary Walker, Instructor



Screen Printing

Screen Printing (Serigraphy) is a printmaking medium that

enables you to create multiples of your original art work. It is

an ancient method that has been used extensively inmodern

times. Learn how to make simple Screen Prints without

expensive tools or materials. This workshopwill cover printing

on T shirts and/or paper, creating designs for printing, cutting

a stencil, preparing the screen, and printing multiples of your

design. A discussion of various techniques will be presented

as well. All materials used will be water based. Screens and

squeegees will be provided. A $25 materials fee is due to

the instructor the day of the workshop which will cover inks,

stencil paper, knives, some paper for printing, and all other

materials needed for printing. Please bring up to five clean

light colored T shirts (preferably 100% cotton) plus cards or

special paper you would like to print on.


Saturday, 10:00 AM- 4:00 PM

April 29 (1 day)

Vidabeth Bensen, Instructor



2 Day Weekend Workshop

Learn the fundamentals of encaustic painting and collaging

with hot wax in this 2-day weekend workshop! Encaustic is an

intoxicating beeswax-¬basedmedium that smells like honey

and falls somewhere between painting and sculpture. This

affordable weekend workshop includes 2 professional ready-

¬to-¬hang panels and unlimited encaustic medium. You

can choose to attend both days or one day. Demonstrations

will be held at the beginning of each workshop day at

10:45am.You’ll learn painting, collage, translucent layering,

surface texturing, sgraffito carving and more. You’ll explore

layer-¬building techniques using different fusing tools to

create unique surfaces. At the end of the workshop, you’ll

have 2 completed pieces of art. We’ll discuss proper care

and cleaning of encaustic art for archival purposes. You will

learn safety procedures, ventilation, and proper care for tools.

You’ll get the opportunity to interact with other students and

their ideas, as we all learn from one another. A $40 Provided

Materials fee is due at the beginning of the workshop

(check or cash). The suggested materials for this workshop

are available at a 20% discount through a local Durham art

supply store. More information will be sent to you as the

workshop date approaches. Please check the DAC website for

the suggested materials list.




Adam and Eve by Mary Walker